Friday, December 14, 2007

A Pleasant Surprise!

Tonight was our "civil wedding" anniversary...5 years. :-) We don't actually count it as our "real" anniversary (that's in June when we had our church wedding in was a complicated ordeal.) But we use any excuse to celebrate, lol, so we usually go out to eat on our civil wedding anniversary.

First hubby brought me roses, which was a lovely surprise in and of itself! Then we went to Outback, and just planned on going back home afterwards. But as we were waiting for dinner, an older couple across the way came over to us and asked if we had plans tonight. We said not really...and they offered us tickets to the Nutcracker!! I'd wanted to go but we never got around to getting tickets. The wife said she had just been feeling yucky and didn't feel like coughing on people, and they had received free tickets from work, so asked if we would like them and we said definitely! We also mentioned we were celebrating our anniversary, and they were so sweet and said congrats and hoped we enjoyed the night. We went to the ballet and very much enjoyed it! (It had been a long time since I'd seen the Nutcracker in person!)

So, I just wanted to give thanks to God for that nice little surprise, and to ask for prayers and blessings for the nice couple! :-)


Kasia said...

How sweet! And happy belated civil wedding anniversary!

Stephanie said...

Thanks! :-)