Monday, December 17, 2007

Come Chat with C-YA!

I'm very excited to announce the new and improved C-YA Board! Complete with our own domain name, Now, in my experience people are either "board people" or they're not. A lot of the people we've met in person so far and gotten to know through C-YA are wonderful, enthusiastic Catholic young adults, who happen not to be particularly big "board people." And that's cool! We absolutely need the kinds of people that actually talk in person. I'd prefer sitting in a room with individual laptops and typing to each other, myself, but hey not everyone is as normal as I am.

I am hoping, though, to put feelers out and find those who ARE board people, as often they'll be less likely to join us in person unless and until they feel more comfortable.

Honestly, one of the main reasons I joined the planning committee in the first place was because I typically hate putting myself out there in person right off the bat in the way that is usually required, and I figured there were other people like me, and I wanted to help provide a comfortable way for ALL types of people to join us, which doesn't often happen in newer groups. We introverts often tend to get forgotton when these kinds of social groups are starting up, completely inadvertently, because we're not social in the same way as the types who are completely necessary to start up groups! We absolutely need the extroverted, enthusiastic, go-get-'em types, they're the driving force! But I'm hoping that we'll be able, over time, to attract the less outgoing types as well, and end up with a nicely balanced group.

Ok, I admit, part of the reason is pretty selfish...I find that introverts tend to talk "deep" and extroverts tend to talk "wide." I'm not good with chit chat, "wide" talk, I'm better with one deep topic, lol, and I need more people like me to talk deep with, so I don't end up boring all the wide talkers!

So if you're an Austinite who attends St. Mary Cathedral, or even if you don't but you might stop by once in a while, and you're a "board person" who enjoys chatting online, come and help the C-YA board get rolling! Boards tend to grow exponentially, if no one is talking, no one starts talking, but if there are conversations going on and the board is active, more people will be inclined to join in the conversation. I could talk to myself a lot on the board, but somehow I don't think that would be very enjoyable for most people. ;-)

So come on by and chat with me! We had a nice Harry Potter discussion going on for a bit, feel free to add your 2 cents.

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