Monday, December 03, 2007

Mistress of My Domain

I have some exciting news! I'm now officially the owner of my own domain

The board is still being hosted on 110mb, but we went ahead and bought the domain name. So feel free to update your links and bookmarks! The 110mb link will still work to get here, but I think that because of some cookie issues, if you use the 110mb address and login with that, because of the different name it might not keep you logged in. Something like update your stuff!

Thanks everyone!!

**Update: Well wouldn't you know it, there are some whacky things going on.

If you're having problems logging in and staying logged in, try using this specific address:

For some reason, the proper address (with the www) is being redirected to the above address, which messes with cookie stuff and doesn't keep people logged on. Sorry!!

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