Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pretty Cool!

Hey jdavidb, I thought of you when I read about this. ;-)


jdavidb said...

Thanks. I knew someone somewhere in the Catholic Church had to think of something like that.

I knew SSPX had a page somewhere where you could find their masses, but obviously while a Protestant myself might view that as acceptable for someone who just wanted to go see a Latin Mass, it wouldn't work for most Catholics in good standing.

I still can't believe the Vatican doesn't just create a spreadsheet somewhere listing all the public regular Catholic masses in countries without persecution, with a column to say "Novus Ordo" or "Tridentine." It'd be just about the first thing I'd do if I were creating a worldwide denomination/church with a single point of contact. And then I'd convert it to a database and write a web interface you could punch your zip code (or other national equivalent) into to get a link to Google maps.

See what happens when you throw a software engineer at a problem? :)

jdavidb said...

Hmm, one priest in TX, one deacon, one seminarian, and about 30-50 laymen so far.

They would strongly, strongly benefit from some help from someone with a little more database experience. Maybe I can quote them my rates. ;)

The "I am a" field doesn't have "Protestant."

Stephanie said...

Well surely they have some kind of list of all the Catholic churches worldwide...I guess since it's usually quite easy to find them they don't really see that as a necessity. After all,you just go to the diocesan webpage for an area and they have a list of all the Catholic churches in their area, usually with links to their individual webpages.

And I guess this one is primarily to help clergy and laymen who would like a latin mass in the same area to get together? I know that the cathedral I go to already has a Latin mass community (they've been around for a while in Austin).

But, it's progress I suppose! :-)

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