Sunday, July 29, 2007

NFP vs Contraception II


jdavidb said...

Pleasure? The fun stuff? Hope I'm not being too explicit, but the condom side of this debate has no room to speak, and I'd like to tell young people that. (Yes, I'm an iconoclast everywhere I go...)

But then again, we never tried the pill, so that might be fine pleasurewise. But we weren't willing to kill babies.

Good thing we didn't, since our first child came into being unexpectedly and would've been lost due to uterine changes if we had. He's busy throwing a ball next to me now and entertaining his little brother.

Stephanie said...

Aww :-)

Peter said...

I LOVED this series! Thanks for introducing it to us Stephanie!

Have you checked out III and IV on YouTube too?

I think the first two are better, bu the other two are fun too.