Friday, July 27, 2007

John Martignoni vs CoC

Erik, from my board, has found another gem of a debate. On this one, John Martignoni of the Bible Christian Society is a guest on an internet radio show run by CoC members. I very much enjoyed listening to this, it's about an hour long, and I have to add that I think the CoC hosts were very respectful, even in disagreement, and were fair in letting John have his say without unnecessarily cutting him off (like some radio folks out there do). I would have used some different word choices than John did at times to explain things in a way I know CoC people could understand better, but that's not his fault, as you can't really know that kind of thing unless you've been CoC yourself! Overall, I think he did a great job.

Thanks again, Erik!


Erik said...

My only problem is that the Church of Christ guys say what's "Biblically" wrong with the Catholic Church while John didn't say what's biblically wrong with the Church of Christ (and there are some strong errors!)

They need someone who is ex-church of Christ who is willing to put them on the defensive (**cough** Stephanie)

Stephanie said...

Well, I suppose that's because he was there to defend, mostly, and not to go on the offensive. There are so many things to clear up initially (misconceptions, etc) that you usually have to start that way before going on the offensive.

And, ha, I'm a writer, not a talker...if I was on that show I'd be saying ", you know..." and get sidetracked and lose my thoughts, and I generally hate talking on the phone to begin with!! Definitely not my cup of tea, lol.

Ma Beck said...

I love that John guy.
He has a GREAT website and GREAT free CDs.
They have been very inspirational to me.

jdavidb said...

I linked to the talk show and the specific edition on my forum for members of the Church of Christ, and somebody responded back saying he was baptized by the shows host years ago. :)

jdavidb said...

Saw a quote I thought you'd love in a blog comment, and I figured I'd throw it here randomly on a completely unassociated post. :)

millions of "lay Eucharistic ministers" wearing street clothes and an overweening sense of entitlement to hand out the Body and Blood of Christ

Stephanie said...

Heh, indeed...although I have to say, what's even worse is when you have "lay Eucharistic ministers" (properly called extraordinary ministers of Holy Eucharist, ideally to be used extraordinarily) who actually have some kind of robes on. (I've seen this at some more contemporary parishes). To me, that's an inch further towards trying to be a priest without being one. :-P