Friday, July 06, 2007

My Bathroom's Mini-Makeover

I've been busy the last couple weeks working on my bathroom. Now I couldn't do a whole lot, because most of it is covered in tile and I can't change much about that without a serious overhaul! But I did what I could and enjoyed myself in the process. Here are some pics:

Before and After:

(I had to crop two pics of the before together, that's why the walls are different colors!)

As you can see, there's not a super big difference. The cabinets have been painted and stenciled (better pics of that in a sec), the walls got a fresh coat of white paint (which looks much better in person, much cleaner!), and also got some stenciling, I added some new bathroom-related pics on the walls, and made some new curtains, we replaced the overhead lamp and got a couple new (albeit similar) rugs.

Here's the fabric I used for the curtains (I know it looks kind of bland in the pics!)

Here's a pic of the cabinets, which are what took the longest amount of time, before and after:

A close up of the towel cabinet's stenciling:

We also replaced the towel bar here:

Another view, before and after:

Here's some of the bathroom related wall art, above the toilet:

And if you'll look closely at some of the tiles on the wall, I've stenciled some fleurs de lys on some of them. Here's a close up of one:

And finally, here are a few of the stenciled words on the walls:

That about does it! Not a huge difference, but just enough that it looks a bit sharper and more tied together. Overall, I'm pleased with the results! :-)


Sara said...

I'm jealous of any bathroom changes! I've been in my house for a year now and have been avoiding looking too closely at my bathroom. I personally know it's clean because I clean it, but the prior owners (my brother and soon to be ex-SIL) were not the greatest housekeepers so some of the dirt is permanent.

Hopefully by next summer I'll have enough saved up to pay someone to come in and demolish everything except the shower curtain--that's the only thing in the room I like!

Stephanie said...

Oohh that sounds fun, demolishing a bathroom. Good luck with it!

Kasia said...

How beautiful! You really have a knack for aesthetics!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Kasia :-)

Pup said...

Oh my, you found YouTube. B sure to check out burning furbies and roomba dogs!

I kinda did my bathroom too, I got a bathroom mat finally!!!
Oh and I also have a home phone!! It's the same number it was before.

I need to call you sometime and tell you about my "window coverings" in the living room. Your gonna laugh at me :)