Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Strange Dreams...

Wow, I just had a really weird dream - which is not uncommon, but still! (Warning to hubby - you won't like this, read with caution!!) I dreamt that I was spending all my time with a mod on one of the boards I frequent, like, in person. Lol...we were chatting, but at the same time we were together with all the other people chatting. Then, for some reason, the board was being shut down, and we were all sad, but the mod and I were especially sad, and kept saying how much we'd miss each other, and how much fun we had chatting. Then we ended up spending the night together (just talking!), and we were trying to figure out how we could talk other places besides the board. I gave him my AIM screenname (again, somehow this allowed us to talk in person, lol), and he asked for my phone number, but I told him I hated talking on the phone (which is true!). We were both married...and there was some weird side story with a child they thought had died but hadn't(???). The crazy thing is, I woke up (to take my temp) and then went back to sleep and the dream continued. More wanting to talk, missing each other, not paying attention to spouses, etc....CRAZY!!

I think this dream is a manifestation of the guilt I feel for neglecting hubby because of spending so much time on boards. I'm sorry darling!! (((((Cam))))) Tu me manques et je t'aime!

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