Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Praise the Lord and Pass the Salvation

The movie "Jesus Camp" inspired this article from a CoC ex-er.

Think about it. If you truly believed that everyone you knew or liked was damned unless you could open their eyes, you would probably get your butt in gear and evangelize the way these children are seemingly taught to at camp. It does not matter if you hate doing it, or if you find it profoundly embarrassing. Embarrassed isn’t an option when eternal souls are at stake.

Scary stuff...while I personally wasn't quite as scared of Hell, I can still relate, especially to the above paragraph. I always felt guilty that I was so shy and introverted, because it always made it hard for me to evangelize.

I'm so glad that weight has been lifted off of my shoulders...and it's so sad to see the poor children in the movie being weighed down by it. If you haven't seen it already, you can watch the trailer here.


Thomas J. said...

But you forget the purpose of the fundamentalist fear of hell. . .it is not about encouraging others to save souls, it is about keeping people so deeply entrenched in fear, shame, and guilt that they are mor epliable.

people who are shamed and scared aren't able to say "excuse me, what you are saying isn't quite right". This is the purpose of fundamentalism in all of it's forms. it is about power and control.

Stephanie said...

Very true, Thomas!

Thomas J. said...

when you get a sec, hit my blog for today. . .let me know what you think!