Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Board Fast

I've decided that through the month of November, I'm going to be taking a board fast from all the boards and forums I frequent. I know I spend too much time discussing on them, trying to answer questions about Catholicism, trying to correct misconceptions, and just generally chatting and having a good time. I need to remind myself that the world will still go on if I'm not answering questions about Catholicism! I need to focus on my own prayer life and my home...after all, it won't matter how much I talk about Catholicism if I don't practice it! So I'm hoping to take this time to reorganize my priorities, and also to be a bit more productive around the house. Just a few things I hope to accomplish are:
  • Read, read, and read some more. I have so many books waiting!!!
  • Finish our Christmas stockings once and for all!
  • Get into a habit of daily prayer and devotion.
  • Spend some more time in the kitchen cooking, maybe learn some new tricks.
  • Pay more attention to my darling husband who is SO patient with my board addiction.

I will continue to blog and check email, so I'll keep y'all updated as to how things are unfolding! I may even post some comments about the books I read, and some pics of the stockings once I get them done. Meanwhile, I'll be offering up prayers for all my wonderful friends on the many boards I frequent. Love you guys!!


Sara said...

When you finish your stockings can you come work on mine? :) I've been working on stockings for my family over the last five years!

Tiber Jumper said...

Actually, I was just thinking the same thing about giving up the blogs and internet for awhile. I had this idea. If all us Catholic bloggers gave up the blogs and internet for a couple days and
offered up the time in prayer instead, whoa! What dya think, can we spread this fast thing around?

Thomas J. said...

I totally understand--hasn't my absence from the ex coc board been conspicuous?

Stephanie said...

Lol, Sara!

TJ, I think that would make quite an impact! I know it's been done before, for instance, I think a lot of Catholic bloggers don't do anything on Good Friday, etc. Don't know if it would work right now since there's not a big cause or reason...but it couldn't hurt. =)

Thomas, you've been greatly missed on the Ex CoC board!

Martin said...

I miss your announcement I guess. I know exactly what you mean by needing to take a break from the boards! I did apologetics online almost every day for about six years, until I finally decided it wasn't fruitful for me. I learned a lot and met a number of really nice people, but I just got burned out by the nonstop arguments and debates.

Stephanie said...

Exactly Martin, sometimes I get a little burnout with all the arguing, especially when I feel like I'm obligated to keep going. Oh, and you didn't miss an announcement...I hadn't been posting much on the NFP board in the past few months, so I didn't announce anything there. =)