Monday, October 23, 2006

And Even More Absurd TV Catholicism

CSI: Miami...they open a door to find a real goat's head with maggots crawling all over it. Delko remarks, "It's Santeria. I can't touch it." Wolfe asks, "Why not?" He answers, "I'm Catholic. These are holy objects, to touch them would be sacrilege."

Uuuhhhhhhh...WHA???? Caribbean magic/voodoo/evil junk is considered HOLY because it has elements of Catholicism in it?!? What is this guy smoking? much respect do you think Delko would pay to a consecrated host if he came upon one in his investigation? Considering his previous promiscuous escepades, he's not a very practicing Catholic. But add Caribbean magic to the mix and WATCH OUT! That's HOLY! Better cross himself and kiss the crucifix around his neck to keep the boogeymen away. *Eyeroll*

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