Thursday, September 07, 2006

Christmas Stockings!!!

Ok, I'm ashamed to admit I bought a stocking kit for DH...4 or 5 years ago? And STILL haven't finished it!! I've finished the cross-stitching part, but I really need to finish sewing it up in time for next Christmas! I also have one that is almost finished for me, which I also need to assemble. I really, really, want to have both of them done by Christmas, so I'm blogging about it in hopes it will motivate me to get on top of things! Now that I have a sewing machine (birthday present from hubby!) I have no reason to put it off any longer. So...note to self, FINISH CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS!!!!


Pup said...

I remember seeing those I think! I need to start making mine. Well I just weighed and 249.6!!!!! I hit the 250 mark so I'm back on my diet as of an hr ago and I did something special to celebrate!
Well I had a crazy day at church, check out the xanga and say a prayer of thanks it wasn't you!

Stephanie said...

Yeah I used to carry them around and work on them at the libary, etc. Lol, little old ladies that used to come would always be impressed that a young whippersnapper like me was cross-stitching, lol.

Hey cool, let me know when your first magazine cover comes out! ;-D

I checked out your xanga...and yeah, I'm sending up my prayer of thanks right now! lol