Sunday, September 02, 2007

Skirt #3!

Ok, I promise that one of these days I'll post about something other than skirts. But I just finished my third, and after all, isn't that what blogs are for? To show and tell? Lol...anyway, here it is!

This one is a bit longer and fuller than the last one, and I just love the fabric. The buttery yellow and royal blues remind me of France! Here's a close up of the fabric:

Now, I took advantage of some of the Labor Day sales and bought some more's on the way! But, that is all the fabric I'll be buying this month, and since I need to start focusing on getting ready for our trip, I shouldn't have too many more posts about skirts in the near future.

Yeah, I tend to get obsessive about new things for a while after I've discovered them, in case it wasn't obvious enough!


Cheryl said...

You'll have some very cute skirts to wear on your trip, though! :)

You're making me insanely jealous over here. :D

Stephanie said...

I know! Now to find comfy walking shoes that look good with skirts, lol.

Cheryl said...

I have a pair of incredibly comfy - and though casual, a little more toward the dressier end - sandals. They're by "Earth Shoe". Might take a peek, and see if they have some cute black ones (as I think they'd match both of those more recent skirts). You really don't want to match the cream/white of the fabric, since you have dark hair. It would look unbalanced (of course, if you were wearing ALL cream or white, that'd be different).

Cheryl said...

...and I just saw you mention that the background color is actually yellow. Sorry! The picture appearance came out more cream-colored.

Wear that blue-and-yellow skirt when you go looking for comfy walking shoes. That's gonna be the one you'll need to see with the shoes to make sure it looks right.

Brownish, maybe?

Stephanie said...

I actually recently bought some sketchers (the mary jane looking kind) and they are SOOOOO comfy!!! I have them in brown...I wore them to mass with this skirt today. I wouldn't say it matched, exactly, but they didn't clash at least, so they work alright.

I'm seriously thinking about getting the same sketchers in other colors, SO comfortable!!

FoozJen said...


I love your skirts! I can't sew; I can't even thread a needle. I think it's so neat that you are doing this.

Maybe I will commission you to make some skirts for me.


Stephanie said...

Thanks! ;-)

Sara said...

Maybe you can find a nice pair of ballet flats, I've seen them in tons of colors and they can be fairly inexpensive.

There's a shop up here that imports from France and they sell fabrics and linens. It's out of my price range, but you might enjoy a look. The store is called French Rendezvous, if you google it you should get their website.

Stephanie said...

I actually do have several pairs of ballet flats :-) I love them, and they're comfy! They're pretty thin though, so they're good for everyday wear, I'm just not sure if my feet will be hurting because of the lack of support if we end up walking miles at a time in France, lol.

I googled....WOW!!! Gorgeous stuff! But yeah, expensive, lol. Hmm...I wonder if we can find a fabric store while in France!