Saturday, January 05, 2008

A New Blog!

Ok, so I had a bit of a change of plans. I was planning on opening up an Etsy shop, but as I discussed it with my husband we decided to wait on that, since it's something I have to spend money to use. I'm not planning on making a big business or anything, I'd just like to sell a few things on the side to friends and anyone who is interested, and mostly I wanted a place to help me mentally organize all the stuff I'm working on, have worked on, etc.

So, I decided to just create a new blog to have as my crafting center, and offer anything I have to sell on there as well. I'd like to just take it slow and see how things go before spending any money in order sell things.

I present to you my new blog:

From now on, I'll probably be keeping most of my craft and sewing related stuff on there rather than here, but I might link to it from time to time. Enjoy!


Kasia said...

Can you sew without a pattern at all? That is, if you saw, say, a blouse, could you recreate it without a pattern?

Stephanie said...

Well, I haven't gotten to blouses yet and I'm sure I'll have to venture into the land of patterns eventually for that, at least to learn how things are put together...but yeah, depending on the complexity of something, I can usually look at a skirt or something and mentally dissect it to be able to recreate it. In fact, I've been bad lately about being distracted during mass examining the person's clothes in front of me!! *blush*

Kasia said...

Ooh. Might you be for hire to try to recreate a blouse I have? I love the style of it - would just like to add longer sleeves - but it was a rummage sale special and I have no way of getting more.

I also have another very pretty blouse I'd love to have recreated in my present size...*blush*...

Stephanie said...

Well...maybe in a couple years? Lol! I don't think I'm quite that good yet, I've yet to make a blouse at all, and tops are trickier because they have to be fitted well, which of course is hard to begin with! Elastic waist and wrap skirts and aprons I can do because they're adjustable! Non-adjustable skirts for me I can do because I can pin them on me to fit, lol.

But, maybe once I have more experience and have actually made a top I can give it a try. ;-)