Monday, November 05, 2007

Pray for Fr. Francis Mary

A letter was read at the beginning of EWTN's Life on the Rock explaining why Fr. Francis Mary wasn't there. Here is a transcript, courtesy of WI Catholic:

Dear Family Regretfully, I have a message that does not come without significant pain to both you and me. I have to tell you in all honesty and truth, that I have been personally involved with helping a widow and her struggling family. Over the course of time, the mother and I have grown very close. As a result, I am compelled to take some time off to prayerfully and honestly discern my future. I am truly sorry of the impact this may have on so many. I am not unaware of the gravity and magnitude of the situation, yet after much wise counsel, it is really something that I must deal with now for the good of all. With that said, it is best that I deal with it away from EWTN. Therefore, I have asked for and graciously been granted some extended time to prayerfully discern my vocation. To those who are part of the EWTN family locally, and others throughout the world, especially all those who have supported me so faithfully in my priestly vocation and ministry here on Life on the Rock, I sincerely apologize. I ask for your prayers and understanding during this time that is so very difficult, but yet so very necessary. Please lift me up in your humble prayers to Jesus through Mary, our Mother, in Grace and Mercy. Fr Francis Mary, MFVA

Fr Anthony Mary then said "Brothers and Sisters of our EWTN family, this is a time in which Fr Francis and all involved are in great need of your prayers and your support as our family. Always remember that no one is beyond the power of God's Mercy or Redemption. And on Fr's behalf, I humbly ask that you pray for him. God bless you."

Indeed, let us keep him, and all priests, in our prayers.


Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Its so sad. I pray that he follows God's will in his life.

eileen said...

I was just flipping channels last evening and noticed "Life on the Rock" without Fr. Francis. I'm sure his life is in turmoil. This is the cynical side talking, but when women, especially in this case, a young widow is concerned, you wonder if both the priest and young woman could find some *other* priest, right at the onset to help counsel her, etc. to possibly avoid such things. I will certainly pray for Father Francis Mary. What a tough spot he finds himself.