Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Big Chop!

With the warmer weather coming on, I felt it was about time to do my annual hair chop! I wanted to try an angled bob this time, and I think it came out pretty well!

Here's the Before and After from the front:

Here's the Before and After from the side:

And here's a view from the back:

Now I'm ready for summer!


Mrs. Stevens said...

YAY! You finally got your hair cut! It looks spectacular! And you are beautiful! :)

Stephanie said...

Thank Camille! ;-)

Peter said...

As a self confessed lover of long hair I am opposed to 'chops' in general, but I reluctantly admit the end result looks great!

Stephanie said...

Ah, you would get along well with my husband...he prefers the longer hair, lol, but since he's not the one that has to wash it and detangle it and endure the heat,lol, he completely understands the desire to cut it off!

Thanks Peter! ;-)

Sara said...

Que Bonita! It's very cute, although I'm going to join the "it was nice long" chorus too :) But, believe you me, I totally understand what you mean about the problems of long curly hair! I get tempted to just shave my head and start over every summer :)

Kasia said...

The cut's adorable!

I don't have curly hair myself, so I always get a little jealous when I see lovely locks like yours...but I've had enough friends with naturally curly hair that I know it's got its drawbacks. Good thing, too - it's what keeps me from crossing the line into envy... ;-)

Pup said...

I like that 'after' shirt

Pup said...

oh, and I need to teach you how to sport the 'bun' so you can keep your hair long next summer ;)
I've chopped off about a foot since you've seen me last, it's now even with the wide part of my hips, which is short for me!

I miss you and I'll ttys!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, I got it at Kohl's!

Oh, hon, I know how to sport a bun, believe you me! The reason I chop my hair off all the time is precisely because when it's long, it never gets worn down and is always pulled back (in a ponytail, bun, french twist, etc). Having it short forces me to wear it down, lol!

Miss you too!