Saturday, January 06, 2007

Catholic Movie Meme

For Kasia :-D

Favorite Movie: Hmmm...I think after all these years Amadeus is still at the top of my list, I can watch that movie 20 times and still want to see it again!

Favorite Movie With A Religious Theme: The Passion is wonderful...The Mission is also very good, the music is breathtaking.

Favorite Movie Priest: Of course now I can't remember any, lol! Probably one of the priests from The Mission (is that vague enough?)

Favorite Movie Nun: Yeah, only one I can think of is Maria from you know where, but she wasn't even a full nun yet was she? I'm about to watch some Fr. O'Malley movies with lots of nuns in them (on my Netflix queue) so maybe I'll have more to choose from later!


Kasia said...

Thank you! :-)

Stephanie said...

My pleasure! :-D