Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Blogging Convert

A little bird told me about a convert friend who recently started a blog of his own, so I'm sharing in hopes of supporting a fellow convert. :-) It's called Pure Catholic.

As I browsed his shiny new blog, this part jumped out at me:

The fact is, I was pretty much horrified at the prospect of becoming Catholic despite everything pointing toward that being the right thing to do. Since the decision, my life is improved in every respect.

Ha, sound familiar? ;-)

As the name of his blog suggests, he is primarily interested in promoting chastity, a noble endeavor indeed. Go check it out when you can!

1 comment:

Robert Threadgill said...

Thanks for the mention, Stephanie.
Since I'm also from a Church of Christ background, it's great to know about your blog. Plus, I'm from Texas and have spent tons of time in Austin.

We're practically related!
Robert Threadgill