Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Rare Sight

Me, with straight hair!

I'm still a curly girl at heart, though, I think I look better with my natural curls. But I have a friend from high school that is training as a hair dresser and she needed a curly model to practice was fun!


Sara said...

Que bonita!

The only time mine is ever straight is when my hairdresser dries it straight for me. :-)

Erik said...

The first one is kind of emo, but I absolutely love your smile!

Stephanie said...

haha, is it? lol...thanks :-)

Blondie said...

Cool! I think you can wear your hair either way, curly or straight, looks good!

My dad has two nieces who were in their 20's during the late 60's & early 70's and were both models. They used to *iron* their long hair to make it straight. An old-fashioned iron, on an ironing board! Thank goodness now for ceramic hair straighteners! lol!

Stephanie said...

Ack! That sounds scary, lol!

Thanks :-)

Sara said...

My mom talks about ironing her hair in the 70s too. She and her sister used to do each other's hair. Using the regular iron and ironing board too!