Monday, February 26, 2007

Book Review: The Introvert Advantage

I recently finished reading The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World, and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about myself, and was able to connect some of the quirks I have that I thought were just random to being very much an introvert! I hate calling people and talking to people on the phone, I much prefer writing to talking, I really hate to be in a very crowded place because it feels like a sensory overload...all of these things are connected to being an introvert. It also helped me to recognize that many of the things that are highly praised in our society are simply traits of extroverts, and there's nothing wrong with me because I don't have those traits. Nothing in the book was really life altering, but it was helpful in pinpointing why I am the way I am about many things, and understanding myself better is always a good thing! I very much recommend it to anyone who is introverted, and anyone who has to deal with introverts on a regular basis. It can help introverts and extroverts understand each other better, and be able to better communicate. It's also a very quick and easy read.

If you're interested, you can get it here.


Prairie Princess said...

Thanks! I'm definitely an introvert and just requested this from my library. You might also enjoy this article:

Stephanie said...

when you see an introvert lost in thought, don't say "What's the matter?" or "Are you all right?"

Third, don't say anything else, either.

LOL!!! I love it, oh man I hear that all the time!

Great article, thanks!

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

I heard about this book from a guy I met at a statistical software user conference last year (fancy meeting an introvert there). He had similar things to say.

I'll have to pick it up one of these days but my queue is already kind of long.

Stephanie said...

I hear ya, I have SO MANY books in my list to read!!! Right now I'm reading The Divine Comedy, and it's going more slowly than I expected!

Cheryl said...

The Divine Comedy flew by for me - until I hit Paradiso. Cripe, it was like hitting a brick wall. I just could not get into the imagry at all, not to mention the change in Dante's guide from Virgil to whats-her-face.

Stephanie said...

That's so funny, because the Inferno DRUG by for me, I was just not interested in all the horrible stuff going on down there, lol! Purgatory has been easier so far and more interesting to me, I was hoping the trend would continue and Paradise would be even better...but we'll see!